At Maison de Návar, we have not only studied the history, the science, and art behind a tradition which reaches back to Mesopotamia 2700 BC., but have also looked to modern science to understand how aroma affects us individually. From this we have identified the factors involved when a person processes aroma. To understand these dimensions of scent perception, we have created the MIO Profile™.

Physically, our sense of smell is perhaps the most primitive of the five senses. It is tied directly to the area of the brain controlling emotions. Thus, we feel it imperative that we fully understand how each individual is affected when this primitive sense comes to life. Via the MIO Profile™, emotions as well as other factors are evaluated, key ingredients identified, and the art of crafting natural fragrances comes to life.

To more fully understand, think of natural fragrances as impressionist paintings; where the beauty lies in seeing how brushstrokes bring to life our dreams, memories, and emotions via the use of light, color, and details. The subtlety of shades gives warmth and softness to the image. Primary colors and shapes are combined to create images which solicit memories and emotions from our experiences and fantasies. They evoke memories long ago forgotten; resulting in smiles, happiness, and the rekindling of fantasies of things to come. Natural fragrances, like a beautiful painting, capture the rich complex nuances found in nature. Understanding your body chemistry is akin to selecting the perfect medium upon which to paint. A foundation that is alive, but which can be made to radiate via complementary fragrance notes that capture your persona for the world to experience.

By contrast, modern fragrances can be viewed as abstract art. There are primary colors and shapes used to create wonderful images that cause you to reflect and contemplate its meaning. It is said that abstract art is individualistic expression, decorative, surreal, and yet just out of reach from the emotional ties that come from our experiences, memories, and reflections. Beautiful as it is, the personal connection is often at arms length. In fragrances, this abstract form can be said to leave our most primitive sense devoid of the passion awakened by the wonderful world of aromas we have personally experienced.

Once crafted, your custom fragrance can be incorporated into a full line of personal care products such as; perfumes, colognes, lotions, shampoos, body wash and more. Avoiding the contrast often encountered when different personal products have differing scents.

Let your individuality shine by using natural products which complement your personality and body chemistry. Start by completing the MIO Profile™, and you too can become your own celebrity!