Welcome to the MIO profile™. This tool is designed to capture the factors involved in the processing of aroma. Additionally, each person’s health and nutritional habits contribute greatly to their personal body chemistry. By answering the questions as they pertain to you personally and via a personal consultation, Maison de Návar will have the background necessary to craft unique and personalized products for your enjoyment.

The MIO Profile™ will walk you through a thorough analysis of each factor involved with processing aroma. The questions contained are personal, but rest assured, security of the information is paramount. By design, data protection will meet or exceed most privacy laws around the world.

Note the survey is very detailed and can only be completed by the individual for whom the fragrance is being crafted. Under no circumstance is the survey to be completed by anyone other than the person for whom these products are being crafted.

It is our expectation that you will find this experience enjoyable as it is the first step toward the creation of your custom fragrance and line of personal care products.

Please review our confidentiality agreement and sign in using the alpha numeric code assigned to you.

Enjoy this journey rich in tradition and royal history! To begin, submit your new customer request. You will be contacted by our customer service staff with log on details. If returning customer, please log on using the ID and Pass code provided.