Visually hair can be the ultimate accessory. Color, texture, and shine reflect our style, while it’s overall appearance is a window into your general health.

Like your skin, healthy hair starts from within with a balance diet of green vegetables, whole grains, and more. To support this healthy approach, we at Maison de Návar design 100% natural shampoos and conditioners which are fitted to your specific hair needs. They are formulated with ingredients that add strength, shine and moisture.

Natural oils serve as sources of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acid complexes necessary to deal with today’s active environment. To enhance the softness of our products, we use only 100% rainwater.

With the information gained from the MIO Profile™, our Aromatarii will assist you in completing your personal style!

To begin this wonderful journey, contact us at, or 512-266-6100.