Unique in all the world, the heart and soul of Maison de Návar are our highly trained aromatarri. These masters of fragrance and skin care are modern-day alchemists who craft products unique to your personality, outlook, and skin care needs.


Each of our skincare products derives from a custom questionnaire you complete in the privacy of your office or home. Our aromatarii understand that skin is not merely “dry”, “oily”, “combination” or “aging”, but an intricate interplay of cellular textures. Thus, each product we blend is customized for your very specific skin condition—always with an eye on delivering an unprecedented youth and freshness to the face you show to the world.


Nothing short of a revolution! Virtually every hair care product—even the most expensive—is based on lauryl sulfate; which is drying and harsh; we use the gentlest cleansers available. Only our hair care line calls on ceramides—vital lipids that can actually repair damage and renew your hair’s volume, texture, and shine. Our ingredients actively combat cell-destroying anti-oxidants and supply a bounty of all-natural nutrients. . .for the strongest, healthiest hair you have ever known.


Maison de Návar’s aromatarii are celebrated throughout the world for their intricate and unparalleled scents. They combine modern science with old-world techniques to create custom fragrances for the most elite men and women in the world.

The unparalleled quality of our ingredients is key to each fragrance we blend. The Maison’s Aromatarii travel the world to find botanical and other organic essences/ Using only the finest, most precious ingredients in the world—and a patented questionnaire that paints a vivid picture of your life and style—the Aromatarii is devoted to fashioning a signature scent that is yours alone in all the world: celestial and chic.