photo of Fermin Navar

You are going to Love your own aroma - Fermín Nárvar

Fermín Návar is Aromatarii and CEO of Maison de Návar, Inc. He presides over all areas of production, marketing, sales, and product development for this Austin-based manufacturer of luxury and personalized fragrances and skin care products.

Mr. Návar founded the company in 2006 after a highly successful twenty-year career in sales management, chiefly in the technology and food service sectors. As a senior representative for Dell Computer Corporation, he was responsible for increasing corporate sector sales under his jurisdiction by more than 20% in an already mature market.

Identifying a market gap in the luxury fragrance area, Mr. Návar saw the opportunity for a company that melded the art and science of prestige skincare and personalized fragrances. At the same time, he recognized the burgeoning national interest in holistic healing practices of the Southwest , and sought to draw on the indigenous traditions of both Mexican and Native American cultures in a meaningful way for the upscale customer.

Mr. Návar first worked in the flavor and fragrance industry at David Michael & Co. in Philadelphia. As a sales manager, he had a major hand in new product developments in the beverage and confectionary industries. This led to the introduction of new brands and line extensions that contribute to brand share in the international marketplace nearly 20 years later.

To complement his previous fragrance development training, Mr. Návar spent a full year in a personal exploration of the fragrance industry here and abroad. During this time, he developed his patent-pending MIO Profile, believed to be the first practical application of its kind in the field of behavioral economics. Developed under the tutelage of professors at the University of Texas, this survey is an intricate survey instrument that allows him and his staff to craft custom fragrances based on a a cross-tabulated analysis of an individual’s key personality, lifestyle, and affectational factors.

Mr. Návar stays at the forefront of industry trends by attending seminars around the world, acting as a member of several international fragrance societies, and by working with Navajo practitioners and skincare experts alike, including staff consultant Dr. Patricia Nez Henderson, MD and MPH.

Originally from Torréon, Mexico, Mr. Návar was raised in Chicago. He attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champlain, from which he earned bachelor’s degrees in economics and psychology. He lives and works in Austin, Texas.